Saturday, November 18, 2006

The marathon at Warda

The marathon at Warda was a hot and hilly affair. It started off with a fairly tame drive to Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda (we are getting to know the bylanes of East Texas fairly well, what with all these weird races). It started off a little cold, and as we saw the 50milers start their race and were warming up for our start, the organizers held a sweepstakes for trail running shoes. Bub (Gaurav) picked Ani's number and all good (and goods) was retained within the family!

The marathon was structured in 4 loops. The first half of the first loop went by listening to Joe's stories and his songs on farting. There was a small catch in the back, and I slowed down starting the first loop itself. The second and third went by with a little push. End of third, I met Ani whose ITB had forced her out of the race after 2 loops. She gave me her bottle and I took off my backpack and went out for an easier final loop. The best part of Warda was the piece of wood we received for finishing. Far better than the numerous lame medals we get after every road race, each in-distinguishable from the other.

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