Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It must be your fault -- Wodehouse Nugget 1

As a huge fan of P.G.Wodehouse's writing, I figured might as well start a series of quoting interesting Wodehouse-ian nuggets. This one is from Sam the Sudden.
It is a curious fact, and one frequently noted by philosophers, that every woman in this world cherishes within herself a deep-rooted belief, from which nothing can shake her, that the particular man to whom she has plighted her love is to be held personally blameworthy for practically all of the untoward happenings of life. The vapid and unreflective would call these things accidents, but she knows better. If she arrives at a station at five minutes past nine to catch a train that has already left at nine minutes past five, she knows that it is her Henry who is responsible, just as he was responsible the day before for a shower of rain coming on when she was wearing her new hat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod,

Stumbled onto your blog from Anita and Sajeev's - that quote from PGW is completely true. :)


Subramaniam Viswanathan said...

That is why that Reader's Digest snippet I read many years ago (or I dont remember the source) still holds true. To survive a marriage, the man needs to only know three sentences... "Yes Dear."; "You're Right!"; "I'm Sorry!".

Venki said...

I think few quotes can beat the Ickenham system:

"The Ickenham system, Mr. I?"

"I call it that. Just giving you the bare outlines, you stride up to the subject, grab her by the wrist, clasp her to your bosom and shower burning kisses on her upturned face. You don't have to say much--just 'My mate!' or something of that sort, and, of course, in grabbing by the wrist, don't behave as if you were handling a delicate piece of china. Grip firmly and waggle her about a bit. It seldom fails..."

EM said...

Hahahahah Wodehouse.
But,with all due respect to your intelligence, I object! :)

EM said...

Venki! How rude! Cute, but rude! :)