Monday, November 13, 2006

The 8th week of Sunmart Training

The week started out fairly tame, one easy and refreshing run in Portland, return to Palo Alto on Friday with two pizzas for dinner, and return to Austin on Saturday night. Nothing so far had prepared me for what eventually turned out to be the most surreal single day of my entire training, the race day inclusive. The Sunday was the Motive Bison Stampede half marathon race. Prior to the race, I wanted to make up for missing my 30 miles on Saturday. The entire team had run a hard run in Bandera and were more weather beaten than I was -- prompting an inspiration to ensure I catch up with them. The story of Sunday has to be blogged elsewhere, 'nuf said to say I did run my 30 miles.

In all this week turned out to be the most eventful week of the training, just because of the Greenbelt by night experience.

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