Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stevens Creek 50K -- blood blisters, DNF and other stories

Ran (well, started) the Stevens Creek 50K this Saturday. It was a good day to run to start with and slowly got hot as the day wore on. This race is a long standing tradition in the Bay Area and is free of charge. The volunteers are from the local Audubon Society, and any donations to the Birdwatchers of Audubon was welcome. I started the day with "lead legs" and slowly got into rhythm running with Anil the first 5-6 miles. Soon my plantars started hurting and I let Anil go ahead. Pushed and prodded my way slowly to the first aid station, as the feet continued to boil.

The next 10 miles were excruciating. Could barely plant my feet on the ground. Dragged ass all the way to the aid station. Took me 5:17 to get to the 20mile aid station. Over there, I pulled my shoes off, and discovered lots of blue spots which hurt when I touched them. Eventually I learnt they were called blood blisters. Decided right there to stop running, and go back to my tried and trusted Brooks. Something with the Montrails -- my feet dont like them.

While administering to my feet, I saw Beth Vitalis finish. She was zooming through the trails, and a subsequent examination of her feet revealed many rather nasty blisters. Its a happy feeling to be home and having hot food fully knowing that ideally I would have been struggling on the trail, and folks like Anil and Padma were still doing that.

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