Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Endeth The Hiatus

The long break after Sunmart is over. Have run little and blogged even lesser over the past six months. Allergies have taken their annual toll and have abated now. Successfully moved to Palo Alto and soon after ran the Ohlone 50K from Fremont to Livermore. This running season promises to be long and interesting. Starting with the Big Horn 50M in Wyoming, hopefully onwards to Pikes double in August to larger and longer races as the season grows.

In other news, DNF-ed for the first time in life at Rocky Hill Ranch after 6 odd miles, victim to wheezing. It sucks to DNF and sit around at the finish line pasting stickers on finisher awards, while the runners keep looping for more.

Now for the obligatory Santhosh story. In his latest avatar, Santhosh the Strict, has taken to scaring little girls over emails and phone calls. Lesser described the better.

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