Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The pit crew at Sunmart

Our pit crew at Sunmart was the greatest ever. Every single one of the 1000 runners at Sunmart saw them and was intensely jealous of the 6 of us. Our crew was simply fantastic. On a particularly freezing day, they cared not to warm themselves, but kept the boiled potatoes warm for us. When any of us reached the end of our loop, they egged us on with great gusto and a vibrant vim. Bub will particularly testify to the kingly treatment meted out to him at the end of his race.

Hoping I am not leaving any out, the crew consisted of ArvindR, AshwiniT, Roopa, Murali, Arun, AshwiniG, ArvindV, Sharanya, Savitha, Sandhya, Salil, Mahesh, Divya, Dwarak, Itisha, Venkatesh, Bharath, AnitaI, and Priyavadan!!

The race was painless and so easy only because of this crew! I cannot do gratitude justice to their support.

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