Monday, December 04, 2006

The 11th week of Sunmart Training

This was the week after thanksgiving, spent mostly in the continued inertia of the thanksgiving week. Which essentially meant didnt run the two short runs, or the tempo run on Wednesday. I was still feeling ill from the previous week and promptly indulged myself into not running through the week. Come weekend, I skipped the 12mile run in favour of running Dekker on Sunday; and come Sunday, I skipped Dekker and instead did run 12miles around IF and some roads of North Austin. Nothing hilly.

Sunday evening came with a lots of anecdotes and advice and fun. We met Joe and Joyce for dinner at Gaurav's place. Ani and Gaurav made chole, pulav, and chapatis. Joe was at his raconteur-ing best, and regaled us with anecdotes from the history of races in Austin. Apparently about 12-15 years ago, there were no training groups in Austin, and Joe was among the few who were training with Paul (Carrozza of RunTex). More stories came out about Steve (Sisson, our marathon coach) who started out in the running business and was very fast. As the evening progressed, there were stories of Greenbelt runs, Steve's airplane superman demonstration, and also many an advice on eating on the trails. We ended the evening looking forward to the next weekend's race and another dinner with Joe and Joyce.

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