Monday, October 09, 2006

The real first post

Started this blog today. This blog will now chronicle the tales of training for Sunmart, my first 50-mile race. Thanks to blogspot for allowing me to back-date my posts; I've arranged the stories of the first two weeks of training by the date of training. After the episode of finding the scenic way to the Powerline, the third week has been a week of absolute rest. In some future post, I'll add in stories of my running history.


Gaurav Agarwal said...

Whats up with the photo? Trying to fit in with the trail running group?

Vinod said...

True, thats the closest I've ever been to fit in with the eccentricities of the trail running crowd. However, the photo with the weird hairdo in normal clothing on a running blog is because I dont have a photo with the weird hairdo in running clothes.

Rajeev said...

good show! Super stuff. absolutely motivational....

a side benefit, at least this way, I get to hear news from you :-)

venkatesh said...

hmmm.. good show!

Yangry Star said...

This conversation snippet belongs here as an antithetic voice to whatever the cause of this blog is (Warning: kannada ensues):

3:56 PM me: gurugale, blog nod-de
hedarike bedarike tiluvalike chinte yella seri banthu
swalpa control-naage iri
3:57 PM Vinod: haha
3:58 PM just started the blog, to gather folks to come and donate for me
me: just like the kind of folks who you pay to stop singing on the train
how much to make you stop running
3:59 PM Vinod: broadly the intent
me: alla ri
neevu bele helbidi
we'll ink a deal
Vinod: alright then
4:01 PM seemed like a good idea to chronicle this training... it slowly appearing to be a really interesting set of exercises, to put it mildly
me: we're not on the same page
you're thinking of archiving a crisis
I'm trying to avert it
4:02 PM Vinod: it's not so much a crisis you know, as much as its turning out to be a penance
4:03 PM me: nimage itihaasa, namage iti haasya annistayde
Vinod: haha
thats darned funny
is that yours? the pun?
4:04 PM me: to make you stop, God is even putting poetry on my lips