Friday, October 27, 2006

The 6th week of Sunmart training

This week promised to be long, particularly the weekend. Following Chicago, and getting in late on Monday, a birthday for Gaurav was celebrated. Tuesday's 10miler got turned into 7 (giving respect to legs for keeping up in Chicago). Wednesday turned out raining and slushy. Many opted out of the quality workout. The workout was easy powerline 6mile loop, running the hills yes, but no running hard.

Running in a drizzle, right after a couple of days of showers is awesome fun. The leaves and grass are fresh and glistening, and according to Joe, the snakes are up and about. We didnt get to test the latter part of that, but we did finish the run with many a smattering of slushy mud all over our legs.

Following that, what with real sore legs, Thursday's run was skipped, while saturday's Rocky Raccoon 50k, in anticipation awaits.

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