Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And we are off...

The first day of SunMart 50M training. Fairly unsure about running on trails, and sufficiently scared by the laughs of Joe and Steve at the info-session, we joined forces at the head of Hill of Life. Santhosh could not make it since he was with the Half marathon folks, and Ganesh I think had an exam the next day. Gaurav, Ani, Sanjeev and myself started with the rest of the runners and of course Joe. Joe turned out crazier than we had expected, and most of the other runners had run ultras before or at the very least seemed very comfortable with trail running and the Greenbelt trails.

Steve's post had said the workout would involve 20 repeats of 30s-hard-30s-easy intervals. Without a watch, Gaurav and myself started counting (mississippi-ly) and we went past 10 repeats, then 20, then 30, when we decided we had to be lost. At that point we figured the smart thing to do was to conserve energy and water, and we walked some distance. Finally we saw Joe's flags again and made it back to the base of Hill of Life, only to find a smiling Joe who said we ran 6miles, and that Steve sets the workouts, while he, Joe, charts the route!!

All in all, a great start to the training. Trail running is incredible fun. Having run on the roads continuously for more than three years now, I discovered trail running is a whole different ball game. I am sure there are aspects of it which will make it much harder than road running. However, today, trail running was a far far better fun run than most road runs.

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